Over 300 Years of Combined Experience

Performance Additives was formed in 2005 with the goal of providing North American plastics processors with quality plastic additives backed by support, testing, and service of a North American organization.  Performance Additives leverages our global technology, diverse product portfolio, competitive pricing and knowledge to deliver a value added package of plastic additives to North American customers.

Our company offers unique PVC additives, many not currently offered by North American manufacturers. Including:

Acrylic Impact Modifiers & Processing Aids
CPE & ACM Impact Modifiers
MBS Impact Modifiers
SAN Processing Aids & ABS Impact Modifiers
Heat Distortion Additives


Performance Additives employs industry professionals who have considerable experience up and down the supply chain for PVC compounding and processing. This allows us to better understand our customer’s challenges and provides a holistic perspective on how to solve them with our unique chemistries.

  • Formulation Development
  • Material Convey/Storage/Collection
  • Process and Equipment

In 2016 Performance Additives established a technical lab in Johnson City, Tennessee. We want to be your go to supplier when looking at new product development and encourage you to reach out to us for formulation ideas and the use of our lab equipment.

If you have some quality or product development issues you are trying to solve, Performance Additives can brainstorm and implement testing to help you to find the best path forward.

Performance Additives provides strong service and support for the supply of raw materials in the North American market. Our dedicated and reliable customer service staff will meet your delivery requirements and will adapt, as needed, to changes in day–to-day business.

Our logistics team has an extensive understanding of our global supply chain. This enables us to offer timely and flexible deliveries to meet our customer’s needs. Performance Additives offers five strategically located full-service warehouses that are routinely stocked to meet our customer’s expected demand, with room for continued growth.

Markets Served



At Performance Additives, we are a major supplier of additives into the PVC extrusion industry. All of our additives used in this process help deliver the high quality products that shape our world today.

Our PVC extrusion additives are typically found in water pipe, vinyl siding, fencing, decking, railing, foam sheets and so much more. If you’re looking for a PVC additives supplier for the extrusion industry you can count on, look no further.


Injection Molding

Injection Molding is an extension of core competency in the extrusion process. For this reason, many of the additives we sell into extrusion also flow into injection molding.

Injection molded articles go into a vast array of end products, from building and construction to medical devices. No matter what your end product, Performance Additives is here to work alongside you to help you achieve your goals.



The calendering process is a crucial process in the plastics industry that produces products like credit cards and blister packs. At Performance Additives, our team offers not only standard additives like MBS and acrylic impact modifiers, we are always working to develop the next generation of calendering additives to help you stay efficient in an ever changing competitive landscape.


Custom One Packs

Performance Additives not only offers individual polymer solutions, we also offer unique products that have been co-polymerized, co-sprayed, or physically blended. An example of this is an ultra-high MW process aid co-spray dried with a low MW process aid, or an acrylic impact modifier combined with a processing aid.


We needed a custom chemistry and Performance Additives was able to help us through the process. Without their expertise we would have missed crucial deadlines.”


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