Optical Brighteners

Performance Additives – Optical Brighteners

Trade NameEquivalentChemical NameCAS nr.Molecular StructureApplicationPackage
Syntex-OBUvitex-OB2,5'-Bis[2-(5-tert-buty l-2 benzoxaz- oly)thiophene7128-64-5Syntex-OB Molecular StructureIt can be used for whitening thermoplastic plastics, PVC, PS, PE, PP, ABS, acetate fiber, paint, coating, printing ink, etc. It can be added at any stage in process of whitening the polymers and can give the finished products a bright bluish white glaze.25kg/ box
Syntex OB-1Uvitex OB-12.2’-(4.4’-diphenol vinyl) dibenzoxazol1533-45-5Syntex-OB-1 Molecular StructureThe product is used for the whitening of terylene fabric and cospinning fabric of terylene and other fabric. It features fine fast shining and anti-chlorine bleaching performance.25kg/ drum
Syntex CBS-XFBA-351 Brightener BR 492,2'-([1,1'-Biphenyl]-4,4'-diyl- di-2,1-ethenediyl)bis-benzenesulfonic acid disodium salt27344-41-8Syntex-CBS-X Molecular StructureA good whitening agent for lacquer, soap, detergent etc.25kg/ box
Syntex-EBFFBA-1852,2'-(2,5-Thiophenediyl)bis-benzoxaz- ole2866-43-5 (12224-41-8)Syntex-EBF Molecular StructureA good brightening agent for various polyolefing plastics, ABS engineering plastics and organic glass.25kg/ box
Basic Red-1Basic Red-1C.I.45160Basic dyestuffs.25kg/ box
Syntex ER-IFluorescent Brightener ER FBA-1991,4-Bis(2-cyanostyryl)benzene13001-39-3Syntex-ER-I Molecular StructureA good whitening agent for polyester fiber and has good whitening effect on plastics such as PE,PP and PVC and their process of shaping with polyester chips or recovered polyester chiaps.25kg/ box
Syntex ER-IIFBA 199:11,4-Bis(2-cyanostyryl)benzene mix with water13001-39-3Syntex-ER-II Molecular StructureA good whitening agent for polyester, polyester/cotton, polyester/yarn, polyester/wool and polyester/hemp.25kg/ box
Syntex ER-IIIFBA 1991,4-Bis(4-cyanostyryl)benzene13001-40-6 (58449-88-0)Syntex-ER-III Molecular StructureA good whitenin agent for polyester, ethylic acid, nylon, especially for plastic. It could improve thermal stability when mix with ER-I, ER-II.25kg/ box