Antioxidants – Thioester Antioxidants

Performance Additives – Thioester Antioxidants

Trade NameEquivalentChemical NameCAS nr.Molecular StructureApplicationPackage
Synox-1035Irganox-10352,2'-Thio-bis{ethyl-B-(3,5-ditertbu- tyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)}- Propionate41484-35-9Synox 1035 Molecular StructureIt's used for the stabilize processing of carbon black containing PE wire and cable resin. Also can be used in polyolefins, namely PP, PE and PBT but others as well. This includes homo- and co-polymers of styrene, PVC, PA and PU. It's also used in elastomers such as SBS, EPR, EPDM and other synthetic rubbers, adhesives, natural and synthetic tackifier resins and other organic substrates.20kg/ drum
Synox-PS800Irganox-PS800 DLTDPDydecyl thiopropionate123-28-4Synox PS800 Molecular StructureCan be used in long-term thermal stability requirements of polymers such as PE cable, XLPE cable, HDPE pipe, PP, homo-or co-polymers of styrene, polyolefins and adhesives.25kg/ box
Synox-PS802Irganox-PS802 DSTDP3,3'-Thiobispropanoic Acid, Dioctade- cyl Ester693-36-7Synox PS802 Molecular StructureIt's widely used in PP, PE, PVC, high impact polystyrene, ABS resin, synthetic rubber and grease. Compared to PS800, PS802's performance is better, but the compatibility with resin is worse.25kg/ box
Synox-DTDTPDitridecylthiodipropionate10595-72-9Synox DTDTP Molecular StructureAn effective stabilizer of ABS.25kg/ box