Impact Modifiers

AIM – Acrylic Impact Modifiers

Acrylic impact modifiers (AIM) with varying ranges in gloss and impact capability are available, including one-packs with process aids.

We stock many grades of acrylic impact modifiers depending on your exact needs. Under the right circumstances it is also possible to customize a new product for a customer based on their needs. Acrylic impact modifiers for clear applications are available as well.

CPE – Chlorinated Polyethylene

Rigid grade chlorinated polyethylene impact modifiers (CPE) products produced with unique practices to provide superior performance at competitive pricing. Traditionally, chlorinated polyethylene impact modifiers are used in non-weatherable applications.

In some instances, CPE can serve the dual function of a process aid as well as an impact modifier. Multiple chlorinated polyethylene impact modifier products are available, some with extremely high elongation for niche applications.

MBS – Methyl Methacrylate Butadiene Styrene Polymer

Methyl Methacrylate Butadiene Styrene polymer (MBS) impact modifiers, provide superb cold temperature impacts for extrusion, injection molding and calendering. Due to its composition, a MBS impact modifier is used in non-weatherable applications. Both clear and opaque versions of MBS impact modifiers are available.


Proprietary compositions consisting of specialty CPE, acrylic impact modifiers (AIM) and processing aids. Can tailor composition for weatherable applications. 24-month outdoor impact modifier weathering data is available upon request.