Specialty Additives

A new addition to the Performance Additives portfolio is our Specialty Additives line, which includes: Antioxidants, Optical Brighteners, UV Absorbers, Light Stabilizers, Flame Retardants and Nucleating Agents. Adding these products to our portfolio strengthens our ability to better serve our customers by consolidating these lower volume products under one roof to allow for cost affordable delivery options.

Performance Additives can cross-reference your current product with our product line to find the right material for you. If you are looking to improve the specs or blend multiple products into a one-pack, we can help with that too!


Antioxidants, (AO’s), inhibit oxidation by varying methods. Antioxidant chemistries vary but are commonly hindered phenols, aromatic amines, hindered phenol phosphites, thioesters and thiophenols. Performance Additives can offer a wide range of single chemistries, as well blends of different antioxidants to simplify the package needed for your application.

UV Absorbers

UV absorbers are frequently used in plastics, cosmetics and films. The primary function is to protect the substrate material from the long term degradation effects from ultraviolet radiation in light. Different chemistries can be used depending on the substrate composition, intended functional life and the substrates sensitivity to UV degradation. Benzophenone, benzotriazole and benzoate based chemistries are popular bases used to build UV absorbers.

Light Stabilizers

Hindered amine light stabilizers are very effective in polyolefins and polyurethane. They are typically derivatives of 2,2,6,6 tetramethyl piperidine and act as free radical scavengers.

Nucleating Agents / Clarifiers

Also called clarifiers, nucleating agents speed up the rate of polymer crystallization and create smaller, denser crystal spherulites. This can have a large impact on the mechanical and optical properties of many plastics, especially polypropylene.

Optical Brighteners

Optical brighteners, (OB’s), also known as fluorescent brighteners or whitening agents, enhance the visual aesthetics in a variety of different polymer systems, detergents, colorants, paper, fabric, etc. These products absorb light from the ultraviolet spectrum and re-emit light in the blue region of the visual spectrum, making them look less yellow by increasing the overall amount of blue light reflected.

Flame Retardants

Used in plastics, textiles and coatings to resist the spread of fire. Performance Additives offers both halogen and halogen free flame retardants, including antimony trioxide